"Healthier Body from Healthier Foods"

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  • Many of us need to avoid Gluten - Find out about intolerances and allergies in grains, why many people need to reduce or even eliminate Gluten, and which grains to be concerned about.
  • We need to Buy Organic - How the chemically grown crop adds to the CO2 problem, and why organic food is definitely healthier!
  • We should Cut the 'C.R.A.P.' - Eliminate Caffeine, Refined Flour, Alcohol, Processed Foods which effectively cause digestive disorders, neurological problems, cravings, addictions, and more!
  • You need 'Saturated' Fat! - Over the last 20 years or more, there have been many controversial statements about what type of fat is good for you, and 'Saturated' fat has gotten a really bad wrap!
  • Pasture fed meat and eggs are way better for you than Grain fed because grain-fed animals are excessively high in Omega-6 fats. Grass ranging animals fed pasture grass, or hay or even ensilage (grass stored in an air-tight storage facility) have a more normal Omega-3 fat, and are in fact much leaner.

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